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Marketing & Advertising

Our overarching goal with any product or service we offer is to help businesses of all sizes and types grow their revenue by attracting more clients and customers and more of the right type of clients and customers.

What differentiates us from the literally thousands of other marketers is that you can find us at the little known, but important, intersection of legacy media and electronic marketing. From old-fashioned newspaper ads to Twitter, we understand all the tools and how to best deploy them in a strategic marketing framework.

Anything marketing, advertising, design, database, or small business related, we've likely done it, either for ourselves, small businesses, nonprofits, sports teams, colleges or publicly traded companies. Our major point of differentiation is our belief that RESEARCH is the critical "ready, aim," that yields a sure "fire" for branding, media, creative, public relations and promotions..


We help companies set up functional business units, plan their organizational structure, develop job descriptions/profiles and implement best human resources practices.


We are your strategic partners in selection. We help you search for the best human capital that aligns with your identified growth plans.


As a major human resources consultant, we follow industry trends, spot changes and advise our clients on employee rights, welfare packages, salary levels and compensation policies.


Our faculty delivers training needs of our clients that are generic, function specific, career planning and for leadership levels. Some of our training includes Accounting, Skill Acquisition, eadership, Ethics, Management, Strategy, Oil and Gas Training Programmes, Banking and Financial Services, Corporate Social Responsibility, Quality Control, Health and Safety, and Performance Improvement and Personal Development.


We provide our clients with human capital that possess the skills and experience to man posts that are not in their core- business relevance for them to add value to our clients business.

Possibilities beyond imaginations!

we provides professional marketing and Advertising Services including online and door to door activities to individuals, groups or corporate entities