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Greatgrace Integrated Solutions and Service Limited is a company that focuses on developing simple and flexible methodologies targeted towards providing life improvement consumer assets for civil servants using technology and most practicable mode, We stand for Solutions/Links, excellence and reliable provider of demand-driven bundled services focusing on providing life changing improvements..

We give priority to creating sustainable partnerships towards enhancing selfreliance and self-dependence for people at the base of the economy pyramid with appreciable returns for all stakeholders.

Our unique selling point is our drive to ensure access to finance for individuals, businesses, with emphasis on salary earners (Federal Government Employees)

We are a financial intermediary company and act as a bridge between the finance company and the customer and source for good and reliable customers for finance companies.

We have a large market of customers that have good and secure jobs (over 1million civil servant) and are also a distributor to major companies that sell household equipments.

Partnership Model

Our Operations

Our operation is basically sourcing for the beneficiary of the loan/assets and ensuring they get this loan promptly through our wide range of facilities which include offices spread across the states and staffs that are experienced in the marketing of the product.

Partnership Benefits

Repayment transactions is/are domiciled in your bank Account. All investment/finance funds into federal Government staffs returned back to your company with full interest.
Repayment transactions are domiciled in finance company bank account.

Repayments and Collections

The repayment for any loan/asset given to clients is by direct deduction from IPPIS Department through their payroll department called MSS or REMITA on salary accounts and same credited to the finance company for the repayment purpose.

Our continuous investment in information technology and our people set us apart from others.


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We provide professional marketing and advertising services including online and door to door activities to individuals, groups or corporate entities.