our Proposition

Partnership Value Proposition

Greatgrace Integrated Solutions and Service Limited GSSL (RC No; 1413725) has a very wide experience in dealing with Nigerian Police officers, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence corps and federal government employees on IPPIS platform through offering of credit facilities and acquisition of various assets in partnership with financial institutions.

We constantly secure appropriate approvals from Federal Ministries and Government Agencies before dealing with their staff. We already have the approval of the Nigerian Police and Federal Ministry of Environments to implement our consumer financing model for their staff anywhere in the country.

Currently, we have a personal relationship with the Directorate IPPIS , South West Police commands including Kwara State, with a combined staff capacity of about 140,000 police officers and Nigerian Security and Civil Defence corps with a combined capacity of 50,000 NSCDC officers receiving salary within the south west command. This is a very huge market for companies like yours who want to finance companies or give SECURE credit facilities to individuals that have a stable income.

Partnership Model

Our Operations

Our operation is basically sourcing for the beneficiary of the loan/assets and ensuring they get this loan promptly through our wide range of facilities which include offices spread across the states and staffs that are experienced in the marketing of the product.

Partnership Benefits

Repayment transactions is/are domiciled in your bank Account.
All investment/finance funds into federal Government staffs returned back to your company with full interest.
Repayment transactions are domiciled in finance company bank account.

Repayments and Collections

The repayment for any loan/asset given to clients is by direct deduction from IPPIS Department through their payroll department called MSS or REMITA on salary accounts and same credited to the finance company for the repayment purpose.

Partnership Proposal

Proposed Strength

  • We act as a financial intermediary between finance companies and good customers.

  • We have a large market of good customers that have secure jobs..

  • Supply of different brands of Laptops, Desktop Computers, Printers and Scanners in small, medium and large volumes.

  • Supply of different brands of Tablets and Smartphones.

  • Supply of different electronics like home theatre ,LED, LCD, Plasma, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machine,            Generating Set etc
  • Supply of different types of motorbikes and other automobile.

  • Supply of all forms of retail and household items.

  • Supply of all forms of office equipment.

  • ICT Support and Management Services
  • Partnership Benefits

  • All investment/finance funds into federal Government's staffs transactions returned back to your company with full interest.

  • Repayment transactions is/are domiciled in your bank account.

  • Deductions or Repayment are taking from the source.

  • It requires no staff/overhead cost to your organization

  • Death or dismissal of the customer does not stop repayment; deductions are taking from Gratuity, retirement fees, other                  benefits and existence of personal guarantee
  • Interest Rate

    Considering what our competitors are selling, we proposed all charges should be at 5.0percent.

  •    Interest Rate

  • Finance Company charge 3.5% interest rate while Greatgrace Ltd charge 1.5%

  •    Loan Amount

  • Minimum of N100,000 and Maximum of N500,000

    However, our charges for mobilization, marketing and operations are directly paid by the customers not to be calculated as interest rate but included as part of principal taken by customers..

    Agent & Distributor

    We deal with amongst other services the supply of General Electronics, household equipments and credit facilities; we have registered as a partner distributor to LG, THERMOCOOL,SAMSUNG, HP, DELL, POLYSTAR, TOSHIBA.

    We currently offer our services to Federal Government Employees and selected States of Nigerian Police Force commands which are:

  •   Assets Acquisition e.g. LED TV, SAMSUNG TV, Various Laptops Products, Deepfreezers, LG & Thermocool                     Generators, Home equipments, Motorcycle (Okada), cooker, Hometheaters and other Electronic/home appliances

  •   Mobile Assets Acquisitions (Phones) e.g. Tecno phones, Infinix phones, Gionee Phones, Nokia Phones

  •   Non-Perishable Food Items e.g. Bags of Rice, Bags of other food items, Packs of indommie and Other Food Items

  •   Cash Loans e.g. Cheques

  • Our Purpose and Operations